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FocusPad was designed with one goal in mind: to help you get everything done. It lets you focus on your todos without anything getting in the way. You get a simple and elegant list divided into clean, easy-to-review pages.

Add todos quickly and easily

Tap the large, convenient Add button and type your todo right into the end of the list. No need to categorize or prioritize. Get everything written down so you don't have to think about it.

Review your todos with the flick of a finger

Flick through the clean, attractive pages to review your todos and choose one to take action on. There are no categories, priorities, or hierarchies, so your todos cannot get lost. Your todos get the attention they deserve.

Manage your todos

Highlight todos that need further attention. Check off todos as you complete them. Duplicate a todo that needs more action or is recurring. Delete a page when you're done with it, or hide pages you want to put aside. Optionally see the date you added a todo and the date you completed it.

Take it to the next level with Final Version

FocusPad is a great tool to use with Mark Forster's Final Version. This method helps you find the todos that you are ready to do right now and then get them done in an order that feels natural and intuitive. In the paper version you "dot" your todos to mark them; in FocusPad just mark them blue. Read more about Final Version at

If you want to make sure all the todos in your life are written down and actually getting done, FocusPad is the tool for you.

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